Lesa’s motto is “Everyone has the desire to do something great”. Running and fitness are an opportunity to do just that. She loves motivating people to get out and be active every day and encouraging them to see how far they can push their bodies and minds. Running has led her to lifelong friendships and a better understanding of herself. During her13 years of running Lesa has accomplished a lot starting with a learn to run program she now has the following credentials:

Ran 6 marathons (including The Boston Marathon),

2x 50 milers -Sulphur springs/Haliburton Forest,
2x 50 milers -Sulphur springs/Haliburton Forest
2x 100k- Oil Creek
5x 100milers-Vermont 100(2x), Oil Creek 100 (2x), Thunder Rock 100 (1x)
Multiple Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlons

Lesa is currently a strength and endurance coach as well as an employee of The Runners Core