In 2001, a friend introduced Jocelyn to the running community. Having a new baby at home, she loved the opportunity for both her and her new daughter to get out of the house, get some exercise and meet new people at the same time.

16 years later, Jocelyn still enjoys running with that baby girl, though she now struggles to keep up with her. Throughout all these year running has remained a constant in her life.

In the early years it was so exciting discovering new distances to run. She ran her first half and full marathons in the winter of 2002. While growing her family, she ran many more marathons, including Boston in 2007. Jocelyn began coaching, helping many other runners reach their goals.

Looking for a new challenge, Jocelyn began running trails. She loved the peacefulness and sense of escape that trails offered. She signed up for a summer trail series as part of a team and loved the adventurous ‘vibe’ of the trail community. She has since completed many trail races including several ultramarathons.

Currently Jocelyn continues to pursue ultramarathon distance events as a way to travel and discover new and amazing places on foot. Jocelyn loves sharing her passion for both running and the running community through Runner’s Core and her own coaching and training business Boundless Pursuits.